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        +86 159 2024 5189

        Contact Us

        Address: Xinwei Community ,Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guanddong Province, China,523958

        Tel:+86 159 2024 5189

        Contact:Doris Liu


        ABOUT US

        With nearly 10 years development, Dongguan Jeason Wood Co., Ltd. have grown into an integrated professional wood enterprises that focus on producing Rotary Cut Wood Veneers , Sliced Cut Veneers , Veneer edge banding,Pre-glued veneer edge banding,Pre-UV veneer edge banding and PVC edge banding.

        A great deal of experience in wood business, advanced production equipment and professional management team, all of these make us become a good supplier and partner of our customers, such as furniture makers, door makers, plywood makers and others.

        And we will keep striving to supply the veneers with guaranteed quality, competitive price, steady stock, on-time delivery, environmental protection and professional service to meet our customers' demand.

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